"Every illustration starts with a series of sketches.  It's an evolutionary process where I explore composition, form, lighting, design, etc. Sometimes I may do 30 or more sketches to form a complete idea, starting from crude shapes to more and more refinement of detail or posing.  It's often a gut process of what feels right and what looks good. Each element of an illustration, such as vehicles, aliens, costumes, weapons, etc must be designed first before painting begins, and sketches are invaluable for this. To help get perspective, or posing for characters correct, I will often supplement my sketches with clay sculptures, or photos of models. I use pencil, ballpoint pen, or a digital pen and tablet." — Brad Fraunfelter

Preparatory sketches and studies for the "Firefly" illustration
Chimera sketch for painting
Zebra Girl sketch study prior to creating the illustration

Zebra Girl



Collision Earth

Large Spaceship Studies

Knight of Flame


Sea Monster

Asera Sketch

Hydragon Studies

Anatomy Studies

Kraken Sketches

Tyranosaurus Rex
and Ankylosaurus

Universe Corps

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The Curse Giver